Highest Rookie Seed – Canadian Rockies Regional

We scored highest in the Canadian Rockies Regional at a rank of 8 out of 45 teams and among them are 359, 2122, 1622, 5015 and so on, way higher than other rookie teams.


Everything Frank Group

Team leading sponsor, operates the team, the workshop, and finance of the team. Everything Frank Group also operates separately with Book Via Frank


Highest ranking 16th and ventured into playoff in RCC, Qianjiang

During the RCC season, we ranked highest of 16th, with a total wining of 5 matches, played one of the best defense, did a great job on the field.


2019 Summer CRC Season

RCC season we welcomed 10 new team members to join out journey on planet Premus. We had a great time, and we were happy but reflective about our results. Coming all the way here, please enjoy some of the pictures.


Moreover, the 2020 FRC Infinite Recharge season is open to apply, hit that apply button and tell us about you!



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